My Guide to Having Fun in Magaluf

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  • March 21, 2016
  • Magaluf-foam-partyIf you’re a veteran of Magaluf holidays, you’ll probably be familiar with all the suggestions in this short article. On the other hand, if you’ve yet to sample the delights of what is probably the most famous of all the resorts in the Balearic Islands, be sure to make a note of the three special events below, and try them for yourself while you are staying in Mallorca.

     You may well have heard about them before but I wanted to put something down in writing, just to make sure that those who are visiting for the first time do not miss out on all the fun that I had on my first time in the resort.

     Three Traditional Magaluf Events You Must Try

     Whatever your plans for your forthcoming break, I really hope you can make the time to include the following three special events in your itinerary.

    1.  Guided Pubbing and Clubbing– Take advantage of the knowledge and contacts that local reps accumulate over time and let them show you the very best of the nightlife on your first evening in town. A guided nightlife tour usually includes a decent bar crawl, followed by a visit to one of the clubs for which Magaluf is justly famous. These nights out can really help you to get your bearings and set you up to have a great holiday.
    2.  Partying on a Boat– Picture the boat party scenes from The Inbetweeners film (without the vomiting and dry humping) and you will have a good idea of what to expect if you buy tickets for one of the resort’s notorious booze cruises. Lots of drinking, laughing, dancing, and more than a little silliness thrown in for good measure.
    3.  Howling at the Full Moon– You don’t actually have to howl at the moon but you do have to go to one of the parties that are held on the beach every month, when the Earth’s satellite is at its biggest and brightest. Disorganised chaos is probably the best way to describe these parties but don’t let that put you off as they are one of the most fun of the Magaluf events on offer.

     Some events get fully booked quite early on so it’s a good idea to buy tickets online at the same time as you book your flights, if you want to make sure that you can see and do everything you really want to.


    Bring Your Wedding Reception To Life With A Jazz Band

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  • March 14, 2016
  • wedding-receptionIf you want to bring your wedding reception to life, you have many options to keep your guests engaged and liven up the atmosphere. One of the best ways to do this is to book a jazz band as it will bring the effect that you want. Before you do so, you need to decide the type of music that you like to have in your wedding reception. You should take a look at the repertoire list of the potential jazz bands that you have shortlisted. Take a look at their official websites, listen to their recordings and watch the demo videos that they have uploaded on their website. This way, you will get to know which of these bands are suitable for you or not.

    Wedding Reception To Life With A Jazz BandPriorities To Be Planned

    Once you choose the band, you need to compile a songs list and work along with the band leader to provide a customized entertainment and frame a playlist with your favourite tracks. Do have a clear idea of when exactly you want the band to deliver its performance. Decide if timings that you want the band to perform such as whole night or only for the cocktail hours of the reception. It is better to have a run sheet of the sets and breaks of the band, speeches, and formalities written down. You need to ensure that the reception venue has the necessary space for the band to set the instruments and equipment. It is ideal to have a raised platform on the venue’s dance floor to make it impressive. Also, this will provide an unobstructed view of the band’s performance to the guests.

    Benefits Of A Jazz Band

    The jazz musicians are quite unique among the other types of entertainers as they can adapt in order to suit the different styles and genres. This is because they play the music from their mind and not by just reading the music sheet. This saves your money as you can use the band all through the day instead of hiring different musicians for various aspects of the wedding ceremony. Moreover, the jazz band is the perfect one to dance for a wedding reception.

    Wedding ReceptionThe most sought after type of music entertainment for the wedding ceremonies is string quartets. However, a jazz quartet or vocalist or piano can also perform with the same elegance due to the variety of instruments that are available. The jazz bands can be different sizes from just two musicians to a big band of 20 performers. Irrespective of the size of the jazz band, they are extremely flexible, and they perform anything from a slow romantic music for the couple’s very first dance to a lively swinging and energetic number for the guests to enjoy dancing. It could be tough for the string quartets and other types of entertainers to play this variety that is needed on the day of your wedding. They will find it difficult as they should write down every note, but the jazz bands do not have any such difficulty.

    In the jazz band, the singer can be included in the lineup that adds a new dimension their performance. The couples who want the jazz quarter for the cocktail hours can enjoy the soft music as they and their guests can converse freely and the vocalist can be preferred for the second half of the ceremony to pull everyone to the dance floor.

    Take A Look At Groundwork To Form A Band

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  • March 2, 2016
  • bandHave you decided to form a semi-professional or a professional band instead of performing alone? In such a case, it is time to form a band. This is the guide to form a band to gig regularly and make money. Here is a step by step approach that is easy to follow as well. You just have to implement what you have learned into practice.

    bandsPotential Risks To Consider

    There are instances in which many bands that have gone through tough times to be set up and start gigging have been ripped apart due to the relationship issues between the performers that have lead to heated arguments and different aims for the bands. Is this true for you? Have you seen or heard or played for a band in which the vocalist hated the drummer? Where someone was paid more than the others for some unknown reason and not for performance? If you have not seen or experienced these, you are really new to bands, and these are yet to come. However, you can avoid many potential issues and pitfalls by considering the process of forming a band seriously.

    There are enormous potential issues within a band. Everyone will have an artistic or creative steak with the others who have an ego to boot. This is not the ideal recipe for the band to last in the long run.

    Create The Vision And Sound Of Your Band

    The first step is to work on the look and the sound of the group. How will you describe yourself when people ask you what you actually do? You need to tell them the idea of what your band is all about so that they do not forget it for future reference.

    Sound Of Your BandYou need to ask a few questions to yourself such as the ones that are given here. What genres of music you will play? Who will like to hear the music? Will you something like a pub band that tours the pubs? Will your band be a general wedding type band that plays cross-sectional music to appeal all types of people?

    After deciding these, you need to ask another series of questions. How many people will be needed to make the vision of your band come to life? What will the lineup of the band look like – complete male or female or mixed up? How you want people to look at your band?

    It is very important to decide the look of the band as you need to find a visual match that will complement the same. Even if one person stands out of the others for the wrong reasons, he or she will grab the focus away from the music. Ensure that this is not the case with your band. A very effective way to deal with this issue is to make sure that everyone is willing to dress up identically in terms of style.

    Research The Other Bands

    Keep in mind that you need to research the other bands to get an idea in terms of their music as well as looks. If you like something, you need to check if you can adapt it for your band. You need to create a unique selling point for your band to draw the attention of people towards your band.